At Washington Audiology Services, we measure our success by our clients' satisfaction...

Providing Excellence In The Audiology Services Industry for 40 Years And Counting

Icicle Seafoods has been a client for (two decades). We are thrilled with the quality of service provided and strongly recommend Washington Audiology Services to you. Through thick and thin, they have delivered top-notch service in a pleasant, professional manner.
Whether the tester had to slog through the mud and snow in Dutch Harbor, or weave through our busy yard in Seattle, they've maintained great attitudes and adventurous spirits.
They provide high quality service in all respects. Their testing methodology is sound and their reports are professional and concise. The service provided by Sandra MacLean and her staff is always exemplary. I hold them in the highest regard and am confident you will be just as pleased
- Safety Director, Icicle Seafoods, Inc.
On occasion we have used other service companies and found none equal to the excellence of Washington Audiology Services, Inc.
Washington Audiology staff have always demonstrated the utmost in professionalism when meeting our needs and in dealing with County personnel. You have provided us with superior documentation and reports that meet all state and federal guidelines.
But, you go beyond that by furnishing our employees with test results they can comprehend. Your excellent training programs have received countless positive comments and are truly appreciated by attendees. Thanks to you and your staff for the effort put forth to help our Hearing Loss Prevention Program operate at peak efficiency.
- Safety Officer, County
Our experience this year with the hearing testing was as it has been in the past: easy and organized. I appreciate your folks, as always, showing up on time and ready to go. Your staff was very helpful and professional. We hope to see you around the same time next year.
- Training Officer, Local Fire Department
You have a great group of talented and professional technicians. I heard nothing but excellent comments on presentations and counseling. You are very fortunate to have such a great group ... Thank you for your quality service.
- Safety Coordinator, Industrial Mill
Thank you for once again conducting a very professional service for our employees. We were recently audited and passed the Hearing Conservation requirements with flying colors. They had never seen a more professional reporting and communication program as the one provided by you all.
- HR Manager, Local Gypsum Corporation
Washington Audiology Services have provided a professional, responsive, high quality service. They have provided virtually unlimited consultation for us. Their reports are excellent; they are very clear and easy to use to ensure that ones hearing loss prevention program is effective.
- Safety and Health Manager, City
Your testing vans are always where they are assigned on time, clean, and properly maintained. Your staff during our on site testing are knowledgeable, informative, efficient and professional. Our employees are always at ease and their testing goes well.
- Safety Officer, D.O.T.
My impression of Washington Audiology Services after the completion of my company’s annual audiograms was that of professionalism and courteousness. The staff was able to work within the stringent time frame that a production environment must maintain as well as ensuring that each individual understood the basics of the hearing testing and the need for wearing hearing protection on the job. I was greatly impressed with the complete service that Washington Audiology Services provided and will continue to use them each year.
- Safety/HR, Manufacturing company
Washington Audiology Services Recognized By:
"I have found that this service has been a time saver and has been of great value to the company and my employees. The president of the company, Sandra Maclean Uberuaga M.A., CCC-A, F-AAA calls me in person to set up my services each year. She also offers training classes in Washington on Audiology. It is clear to me that she is the most experienced and qualified instructor and service provider in the state."
Risk Manager, Sand and Gravel Corporation
"We have been a client of Washington Audiology Services for over five years. We have utilized Sandra MacLean Uberuaga and her team to ensure compliance with our audiometric testing program. With their mobile van they are able to test large groups of employees efficiently and quickly. The technician is very knowledgeable and interacts professionally with the crews. The follow up reports are timely and concise. I would recommend this company to any Washington employer who is wanting to provide their employees with quality audiograms and meet any OSHA or MSHA reporting requirements."
Safety Director, Alaska Coal Mine
"We have been using Washington Audiology Services for all our hearing testing and training for over 5 years. During this time Sandy and her workers have provided us with excellent service. Her tests are very well done and with Washington Audiology Services keeping the records for me. They provide quality turnkey service for all my audiometric testing and training needs. I would highly recommend you use her service if you need audiometric service complying with Federal OSHA requirements."
Certified Safety, Professional Natural Gas Utility
"We were recently audited for compliance. This was a two-day audit, and the outcome of the audit was very favorable in that we received no violations, one defect, three recommendations and three best practices. This indeed was good news not only for our FRA side of the program but will also bode well for the OSHA side of the house. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the quality work that you and your company, Washington Audiology Services, invested into our programs here at the Railroad. In this day and age, it is easy to say: Oh well, it is a fee for service and they should provide us what we need. However, I don't like that perspective. Yes it is true, that we pay for services rendered. But there are people behind those services who are professionals, who are conscientious about their efforts and their work ethic and in being that way, they give us their best. Thank you and your team for your continued high quality of performance and your dedication to making work places safer so that employees can go home whole bodied and un-encumbered with hearing loss. You do important work and I want you to know that we here at the Railroad appreciate your high quality of service."
Safety Engineer, Railroad Testimonial