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I want to thank you and your team for the quality work that you invest into our programs. There are people behind those services who are professionals and are conscientious about their efforts and their work ethic and they give us their best. Thank you for your continued high quality of performance and your dedication to making work places safer so that employees can go home whole bodied and un-encumbered with hearing loss. You do important work and I want you to know that we appreciate your high quality of service.

Industrial Hygienist/Railroad

Washington Audiology Services (WAS) specializes in comprehensive and effective workplace hearing conservation programs throughout Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. Services are also available in Alaska through Alaska Occupational Audiology and Health Services, and in Nevada, Utah and Arizona through Nevada Occupational Audiology and Health Services.

We provide mobile audiometric testing and hearing conservation services on-site at your workplace and at our Seattle clinic. Services include sound level measurement, employee and management training, hearing protector fitting and FitCheck evaluation.

We also sell custom earplugs, hands free Bluetooth earpieces, and other specialized hearing protection devices. CAOHC certification courses are offered quarterly at our Seattle offices (near Southcenter).

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